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Fortunate Voyage

My First Trek : Rajmachi in Lonavla



8:00 PM : Heavy rains are showering on the tracks of lonavala station. Fierce enthusiasm and excitement can be seen on the faces of my mates as they prepared themselves for the adventurous night trek of Rajmachi. TEAMS WERE formed out of 90 energetic trekkers. For some it was a thing done before but for some it is a new experience. 3 groups were formed. One in the front, one in the middle and one at the end. Time passed by and at 8:30 everyone opened their bags and searched for the food stuff they had brought.

We started our trek at 9pm sharp.

Started from chikki peth outside station. We completed around 3 km and got exhausted at the earliest. But our face still had the shine and mark of the adventurous goal to reach the shikhara of rajmachi fort and we overcame our exhaustion as our main trek started. With my group in center we are assured that we won’t faint as we will be kept active by both front and back members constantly.


After an hour long, steady trek now it was time for some action-packed walk through muddy, stony and rainy path. Dangerous and mountainous routes were never being witnessed by beginners like us. Our boots were becoming wet and  heavy as the sticky mud Is figiting without sole mountain reaching equipment. The trek was like an episode of Saavadhan India for us. Although we were down with our bodily energy draining as a fast battery of an android cell we haven’t lost our hopes and continued like army men marching with a goal in our mind.

Our goal is to complete 5 hours of walk through sturdy terrain of the Sahayadri mountain.

The Lake

For us to reach rajmachi was not an easy one. In order to reach the shikhara of rajmachi we had to walk a circle of two peaks. The road was a mix of ups and downs. After 2 hours of trek now it was time for the most adventurous part of the trek and it was time for us to walk in the rain. From slow dew drops of water the rains changed their course to turning into heavy cannon balls. TREKKER were already down by the two hours long straining climb and now they had to complete the rest of the route with a wet body. A voice came from behind calling ‘’Watar” so as to check whether everyone is active and is in line.


Music has its own healing properties so for a change we played our mini speakers up on the peak. New energy got renewed and we saw a house and confirmed ourselves that now we have reached the shikhara and now it is time for some rest. But our hopes went into vain as we heard “aaram karu naka ajun chalaycha hai vel aahe dormitory yeyalya”. This means it is still time to reach the dormitory.

Fast forwarding,

To the moment we reached a top 2600ft above the sea level at the dormitory we experienced an amazing scenic view of the Sahayadri mountains. My personal experience of a western ranger firefly that flew over my right hand with its light-yellow shining lower body which gave me chills of some sort of ‘Disney Fairytale MOVIE’ where you are on the top of a mountain and you are testifying amazing things, the scenic beauty, fresh air, rajmachi village, fireflies, and best amongst these was the RAJMACHI KILLA (FORT) also known as Balekilla estimated to have been built before Maratha era.


Three hours of sleep sufficed for the tired nature of ours but more was our enthusiasm and will to unlock and complete the last lap of the trek and that was having some time around the mighty balekilla waterfalls. Finally the 18 km walk was over. Having witnessed the greatness of the Maratha fort and Sahayadri mountains it was time for all of us to head back home ending the trek with a lot of memories and a great trail…..which is UNFORGETTABLE.

Special Mention :- Shikhar Trails Event Group conducted this wonderfull trek.

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For “Mahuli Fort Trek with Shikhar Trails” visit this link :

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