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A Game changer: A Story of Destiny

Story of Destiny

Story of Destiny  Do you believe in Destiny? Does everything in life happens for a reason? “All is one, and one is all” is it true? Ever had a thought for once, “why particular events happen in your life that… Continue Reading…

Five minutes of Blindness


I lift this issue because it’s an unusual one. You probably won’t find many people talking about blindness. Usually because no body wants to witness complete darkness in front of their eyes. They are scared. Among us, there exists a… Continue Reading…

Who are you : Eagle or Chick?

Ok we all have heard the story of eagle and chicks…have we? If not then I’m going to share the same with you. This story implies that all of us have two sides within us. It depends on which one… Continue Reading…

Story of Patience as it should be


This is a tale and not a travel experience. My aim of presenting this story to you is to show you that things do happen in life, no matter they happen late but eventually they will. All it takes for… Continue Reading…