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Best Business to Start in 2018

Best Business to start in 2018 is a follow-up to my previous blog “Passive Income Sources”. Hop on to it if you haven’t read it. The link is below  Our previous article stresses on what passive income is, whereas… Continue Reading…

Why to have a Passive Income Source?

Passive Income

Have you ever experienced money working for you? Have you ever thought of money sprouting like a crop even while you are not working?…I guess the answer is NO. Since the inception of Human-kind, we all have been taught to… Continue Reading…

Why charity should be done by everyone?


Because it is our duty to do so ! Frankly speaking, I am not a person to talk about charity in detail. However I would like to share some insight into this topic. Charity is basically a voluntary help, typically… Continue Reading…

Graduation Day : What it means to me.

graduation day

Have you ever realized how important graduation day is in any student’s life? Graduation day or Convocation Day is the culmination of all the three years a student has been through his college life. This day concludes an important phase… Continue Reading…